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Premium voicemail-to-text from private numbers

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I'm Helpful Level 1



In the over two years I've had premium voice-to-text, I've noticed that when I receive a call from a private number and they leave a message, I don't receive any text messages with the transcription or option to download and listen to the voicemail. When I do receive such a call with a voice message, it is deposited in my voicemail, however it is not in the "new message" section, but in the "saved" section. 


Being a person who often doesn't bother to really listen to my voicemails (since voice-to-text is so convenient), I only remember to do so from time to time when I receive a call from a private number. This issue is sometimes useful for evading spam calls, but kind of a hindrance when a service which uses a private number tries to contact me and leaves a voicemail.


Is there a workaround to receive text transcriptions from private numbers or a way for it to be put into my "new" messages folder as opposed to the "saved" messages?


P.S.: I do not actually know if having a "new" - as opposed to saved - voice message in my voicemail box would get me a notification on my phone (A5 2017).


I'm Helpful Level 1
I'm Helpful Level 1

Also, I'm not actually Kurt Russell.

Hey @Kurt_Russell


Can you clarify if this only happens with private numbers? The feature works fine otherwise when you receive a call from someone you know or who hasn't blocked their phone number? 


Oh sorry, it seems Saturday evening I tried to post a response but forgot to hit send.


But Saturday evening I ran a test using my wireless home phone.


First call I let the number remain public, it showed up in my call history and I almost immediately received the VTT and the voicemail showed up, as it should (at least I imagine), in my saved message box.


Second call I dialed #31# to hide the number, it showed up as a private caller in my call history, I didn't receive the VTT (still haven't received, I know it can sometimes take a few minutes) and the voicemail I left showed up in my saved message box.


I'm also going to clarify, when I made the original post, I had two saved voice messages and when I selected to save them, the amount of days for which it saved lined up with the two missed calls (saved for 10 a message from a private caller from the same day, 3 days one that was received a week prior).


I seem to have been receiving the VTT from non-private numbers properly, from sources that range from family members to automated "your taxi is here" calls.

Hey @Kurt_Russell


Thanks for providing us with additional details!  I'll send you a PM so we can take a look at your account and figure out what's going on.


Talk to you soon Smiley