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Possible Fraud - I was called by an official Fido store location about a phone number I do not recall opening?

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Today, this afternoon I was called by an official Fido store location about a phone number I do not recall opening. I googled the number of the store that called me, and it's the Fido Store in Chinatown, Toronto (I am Chinese, and I live near this Chinatown Fido store, and I can speak Mandarin). 


They told me I opened a phone number ### last month on Dec 20th, and it was a prepaid number, and this phone number was last used 1 day ago. They phone rep was asking how I was enjoying the service so far. I responded something vague and then I hung up. Now I want to protect myself. This could either have been: 

1. A scam caller that isn't actually Fido, and spoofed the Chinatown Toronto Fido store number, and was trying to phish information from me

2. A real Fido store, and this phone number may have been opened up in my name and I am a victim of identity theft. 


If it's #2, what steps should I take in calling Fido (which Fraud line should I call) to investigate this phone number (I wrote down the phone number that the rep told me) that the phone rep said was opened in my name, and to verify if this phone number is really in my name? Then what would I do to close down this phone number in my name, that I don't recall opening? Preferably I would want to speak to a mandarin speaking call centre of Fido (what would that number be). 


Hi there @BlueSky88 , that is very concerning and I suggest that you reach out to customer support with and have them check if indeed this happened. Here  is a good place to start and you can request assistance in Mandarin. I also found this number for Chinese customer support (866) 888-3436 I hope this assists you