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Port Out: Invoice can not be updated to prorated amount?

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

I ported out of Fido on Aug. 26. My billing cycle starts on Aug. 23 so I should only have to pay for Aug.23-26 (instead of my regular Aug 23-Sept 22 cycle). 


However my invoice is generated on Aug. 23 with the full amount of the entire month.


Why is it that Fido can not update that invoice or send a new one? I have talked to a live agent who said I have to pay the entire month first, and then contact Fido once my next invoice (Sept. 23) is generated to get refunded.


This is so overly frustrating that I have to pay for a service I am not using and get refunded an entire month later. Is there really no way to pay the correct prorated fee?



Hello @Nesa1,


What the agent advise you is correct, since you cancel the account after your billing cycle the next invoice will be your final invoice and that will have the prorated charges. Invoices are generated in cycles and one can not be produced in the middle of the cycle.