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I ported out of Fido on Aug. 26. My billing cycle starts on Aug. 23 so I should only have to pay for Aug.23-26 (instead of my regular Aug 23-Sept 22 cycle).  However my invoice is generated on Aug. 23 with the full amount of the entire month. Why is ...
 i noticed an offer on my account that I have never seen before. I am currently on a $50 for 25GB data/talk/text plan. When I go to change plans, I see this offer labeled best value. I want to get clarification on the offer, that is it indeed is a da...
How would I be able to get this plan? Apparently it is being offered. I'm looking to cut down my expenses as inflation is hitting hard.
Hello, I ended up porting out of Fido and then I got an email from Fido saying they have a special offer for me and I should wait for a phone call. I got called by a number (118 778 669 930) twice but there was no answer, competely silent... I'm conf...
Here is the situation. Person X has a Fido Account with one line (eg. 604-111-1111). Person Y has a Fido Account with one line (eg. 604-222-2222). Person Y wants to open a new line with a new plan for Person X (and port Person X's existing fido numbe...