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Phone upgrade with existing plan

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Trying to upgrade phone as I broke mine and it’s cheaper to pay my balance than pay to fix phone but when I select upgrade device it says I can’t do it online because my account is a prepaid account which it is not. So how do I see what’s available to me at what price if your website won’t let me?



Hello @cooter153,


If it is saying your account is prepaid then I would suggest you contact customer service so they can check what is happening to your account and fix it.

Hey @cooter153


That's definitely odd considering you can see the balance left to pay on your phone! 


Just to make sure you have the right profile, are you the account holder?


Also do you log in to My Account with your email or your number? 


Also, at which moment do you get that error message?


Let us know!