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Paying manually ni Advance even with Pre-Authorized Payment Configured.

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

So I set up my Pre-Authorized Payment for every 20th of the month. Things have been working well until March 20 because just days before the 20th I lost my credit card and had it deactivated, so it was declined on the 20th. I was not aware of that until I got my bill via email on April 8, then I saw the accumulated amount. It was scheduled to be paid on April 20th via Pre-Authorized Payment but when I open my Fido Billing it says I have past due bill and so I did pay the whole amount at that day. My balance is now 0.00, and I wanted to know If on April 20th will the Pre-Authorized Payment will still go through in my case? I'm concern this might cause me overpaying if the pre-authorized payment with my new credit card goes through on April 20.



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If the account balance is currently $0 no money will be taken on the 20th in your case there is enough time for the system to update the balance and not trigger the auto payment.