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Over charged

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

Hi, I just started Fido 4 months ago. My bill cycle starts 12 to 12 every month. Fido offer me a deal for iPhone XR on 0 payment with same plan. I thought it is good deal. So I got this deal 29th my plan I have international 1000 minutes. In Fido store sales girl told me your old plan is done now. Your new plan starts from 29th August. So I was using my international minutes according to new plan. Today I got surprised with phone bill. It is near about $400. They didn’t change my bill cycle period. But my plan starts from 29 August 2019. Today just completed 17 days. My contact starts from 29th August 2019.They didn’t send me any massage about over limit data.There is no help for me. I am not happy with Fido service.If there is any solution for my this situation, please let me know.Thanks.



Hello @Sukh_Chopra,


Welcome to the community!


To clarify if you activate a new account of the 12th then your billing cycle will begin on the 13th of every month.


Regarding your plan change that created some billing issues for you I would suggest you call customer service direct or go back to the store where you did the change and have them look into it and see what went wrong and how it can be sorted out. 


That would be the fastest process, a moderator here can help you but it will be slower. 

Hey @Sukh_Chopra!


We always want a positive experience for our customers and we're sad to see this wasn't the case. That said, what @KAPABLE-K mentioned is correct and the new options do follow that cycle. This means that from the 1000 minutes, as it was done mid-cycle, you would not get the full allotment.


We can look into the account details to give you all the information necessary. To do so please contact us or if you prefer we message you privately here, let us know!