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Offer too good to be true

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I got a call from a number +1 647-841-2614.

They told me there is a Roger's promotion going on. And they would offer me an iPhone 14 pro max 256gb + 30 gb data per month for $50. This is on 24 months contract. Somehow, I believed it to be a scam, but I played a long and accepted the offer, giving them the details of the iPhone I wanted. They took my email id.


After a day I got an SMS that my pwd has been changed. They managed to get I to my fido account and change the password. I still don't know how weak my pwd should have been for them to hack in so easily. 


I opened the mobile app, it was logged in already, but I could see that my pwd had changed. So I immediately started chat with virtual agent (AskJack) and I informed them. They said that an order has been placed recently. They suggested that I immediately change the pwd, which I did. 


I was interested in the phone, but still could not figure out what the whole idea behind the scam was. 

Next, after some time, I started another chat with AskJack, and tried to get more details. And also updated my shipping address. And when I AskJack about tracking my order, they confirm the order, but not yet shipped (expected). So if and when the order is fulfilled, I will receive the phone on my new address. Now that I have changed my pwd and shipping address, if the initial call was a scam, they will not know about it, or know where the phone will be delivered. For all they know, I could have cancelled the order. 

Now, my question is, what's the idea behind this? Am I right to assume this was a scam? Will I receive a malware/spyware free phone from Fido? How do the scammers benefit from this? 

The worst case scenario for me, as far as I can see, is that my monthly bills will be waaay more than the calls initially offered. I don't mind the monthly payments, because I was planning on upgrading my phone with Fido anyway. 



Hey @velur_sahana Smiley


Sorry to hear about what happened with your account! We take these situations very seriously, as we always want to keep your account and personal information safe.


It's a good thing that you've reset your password, but it's also important for us to forward this to our fraud department, so they can investigate what happened and ensure your account is secure!


When it comes to the order, you can also contact us so we can look into the monthly payments and decide then if you prefer keeping or cancelling this order. 

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

if you think it's a scam don't agree to anything, because they can use your voice to really screw you over, also, don't agree to potential contracts that you don't know because the moment you agree to something they can really screw you over in that aspect to.