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I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

As a result of my numerous conversations with your esteemed official, you said that the reason why I could not get the OTP code from teb bank in Turkey since May 14 may have prevented me from receiving the SMS OTP code of Canada Telekom, and you told me to talk to them. I am sending them the e-mail I wrote below and the message I received, please inform me as soon as possible.

Dear official, 
I cannot receive OTP sms from my bank in Turkey since May 14th. The phone calls I made with my operator Fido and my bank Teb did not yield any results. My bank says there is a problem with the operator, my operator says that there is no restriction on them. However  yesterday Fido informed me that a restriction may have been imposed by your organization for security purposes. I don't know how to proceed,  I get OTP codes from everywhere in Turkey except my bank TEB. Please see link Previously I was receiving the messages at my phone as TEB not with a number.. My phone number is xxx-xxx-xxxx. I kindly  request you to make the necessary investigations and inform me as soon as possible.
Best Regards
Çigdem F
This is the answer.

Good afternoon Çigdem,


Thank you for reaching out to us.


The Canadian Telecommunications Association is the Canadian Common Short Code administrator – Short Codes are 5- or 6-digit numbers used for text messaging. Our role as it relates to Common Short Codes is strictly administrative, and so we don’t run any Short Code programs ourselves, route any messages, or have the ability to block or unblock Short Code programs and so we do not have the ability to impose any restrictions on any given Short Code program.


It’s important to understand that Short Codes are country-specific, and so a Short Code that works in the Turkey won’t automatically work in Canada. Your bank in Turkey would need to have a Canadian Short Code in order for you to receive messages on your network.


If your bank is not using a Short Code, they could also be using a 10-digit number to attempt to send the text message. In Canada, the use of 10-digit numbers for commercial or business communications (such as banking) is not fully sanctioned across all carriers, and so there is a high likelihood that their text messages are getting triggered and blocked by carrier spam filters.


Unfortunately, unless your bank is using a Canadian Short Code number, and you can provide us with the Short Code number with which you are experiencing issues, there is nothing we can do help, as we only have insight into Canadian Common Short Code programs. We would recommend contacting your bank to see if there is an alternative method for you to receive your messages from TEB.


Please let me know if you have any questions at all.


Thank you,



Christine T

Administrative Coordinator | Common Short Codes



Hey @2Mehmet Smiley 


To clarify, is your bank sending you the text message using a short code or a 10-digit phone number? 


If they're using a short code from Turkey that's not on the Canadian list of short codes, chances are it'll automatically be blocked.

We would therefore advise to contact the bank and see if there's an alternate way to send you the message or to access your account.