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Not getting all MFA codes, and most sms from contacts

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Have same number since 2008. Sms worked fine until 2018. Back then only certain contacts didn't work but now it's nearly all of them. Plus I don't get the MFA codes from my bank, Canada revenue agency and even from my Google account, yet I have a Google phone! I recentl changed my phone to the latest pixel 8 and switched to eSIM thinking it would finally solve my problems but it got worse to the point of no use. I need to use my husband's number for all of these things in the meantime (and he is a second phone line on my account). We have tried everything and I have a number of open tickets with tech support to no avail.

I believe it's something wrong with my number. 

When I try to log into Ticketmaster, Ticket even writes that my phone number is not recognized as valid even before attempting to send me a code. 

Another indicator that this might be the case is that I went to Europe last summer and popped a new sim card, had a new 30day number and everything worked beautifully. 

My problem is that I don't want to change number but it seems to be the only option without ne getting setvice. Fido should be fixing their end of the deal. I'm Not getting the services I am paying for and have wasted countless hours since 2018 with tech support. When will fido fix this for me? Their phone, their plan, they should be providing their end of the contract. 



We're sorry to see this Heidi. We definitely understand how this can be impacting your daily life. Please reach out to us via any of our contact methods which can be found here, and we'd be happy to look into your account to see what's going on with those tech cases.