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Not complying with the OFFER

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

The last time I posted here is about their service charges that said to be free but it wasn't AT ALL and after that, I just paid whatever the bill I have.


And now, I only called the Fido contact service ONCE, just ONCE to set-up my pre-authorized payment and this agent just gave me credit for $10 off monthly. I was like okayyy that's nice of you, maybe a new offer or whatsoever. 

But of course yeah it didn't happened again, there is no DISCOUNT as they say so.


I just noticed that I have no credits for my bill and tried to call them again to clarify. This time, agent seems knew that I am telling the truth 'coz she mentioned that the last agent actually did the $10 off to my account but UNFORTUNATELY there is no such thing so there is no credits for me, how's that huh? But yeah now she offered me extra 3 gb for 3 months instead, I said no because I don't need it anyway.

Giving false promotions and offers is so disappointing, I'm so done. I can't believe that in just 3 months in this carrier stressing me out gosh. And, don't point out anybody because the brand is also responsible for any information that agent is dispersing to a customer



Hello @sannierose


This is definitely not the experience that we want for any of our customers.


This will need to be looked into by our customer service. You can find the ways to reach us on our contact page here.