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Not able to reach to customer support

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Recently I moved to FIDO however for the last 2 days I am trying to reach out to customer care via phone and online chat however after waiting for several hours no one responding, I waited for 1 hour 35 mins on call and 3-4 hours on chat. My old number porting is still pending due to this and unnecessary paying to both providers.

Will wait for another day hopefully someone will respond otherwise will cancel all my lines and will avoid FIDO in the future.



Hi @yogi2 , I suggest you reach out to fidosolutions on Twitter as you may get a faster response from the support team. Phones are incredibly busy, staffing is stretched and a dm exchange on Twitter would be more effective and also provide you with real-time record of the conversation. One more avenue to consider.