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No student discount granted and $60 setup fee was also not waived

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I am a student and in the month of September, I purchased a Fido mobile sim from a Sales Agent in the Eaton Centre, Toronto.

At the time of purchase, the Sales Agent informed me that because of a student discount, I would only have to pay $40/month instead of $45/month. Moreover, he stated that the setup fee of $60 would also be waived. He said that I would need to link my bank account for auto payment and then the setup fees would be waived.

However, now I have received my bill and none of the discounts he talked about have been applied. I tried contacting customer service through live chat and after waiting for more than 3 hours the person asked me to go back to Eaton Centre and get proof of the Sales Agent saying that. This is very strange.

I sincerely request you to please sort this out as soon as possible. It is unfair, as a student, to get charged an amount that exceeds the amount stated originally, by such a huge margin.

Thank you so much.



Hello @Sabu04,


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The online agent is correct since you did everything at a store you will need to go back to that store and get it sorted/clarified as the online agents would not have any information as to what transpired at the store.