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No lower cost options for loyal customers

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I'm disappointed that Fido was not able to offer a competitive lower cost option to long time customers.  My "offers" are aways 25% to 50% more than my current plan.  I understand cost of things go up with time - so I keep my comparables to market rate plans at competitors.    I've been a customer since 2016, today was my third round in the past few years with the Fido loyalty department asking for a lower rate. 


- Current plan is byop 10Gb $44, I asked for any lower cost options

- Lowest cost offer from loyalty department was 70gb for $45

- I indicated that I would like to cancel account at the end of my bill cycle

- Loyalty rep confirmed I'm on the lowest possible option already and to check back on my last day to see if offers have changed.

- I'll be gone in 2 days otherwise


I think I'll go for a new number and a fresh activation at a competitor, might as well get a new activation offer if I'm loosing my 8 years of brand loyalty anyway.



Hey @kjc1234 !

I understand where you’re coming from and rest assured that we always want you to have the best offers that we have.

You can keep an eye on our future offers on and MyAccount as well as our promotions change on a regular basis.

Don't hesitate to reach out if you'd like to speak to a representative.