No LTE in a Chicago ?

No LTE in a Chicago ?

No LTE in a Chicago ?

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No LTE in a Chicago ?



I am right now in Chicago and I dont have Internet on my phone... LTE suddently dissapearred. 

Can anyone here tell me what is wrong?


(Got an iphone 6)

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Hello Emilekamdem,


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  Are you able to use your phone for other services? Are you able to use any data at all (ie '3G')?


  Have you verified that your phone's data roaming setting is enabled? You can view those settings: Settings --> Cellular --> Cellular Data --> Data Roaming.


  Have you tried to manually select a network on which to roam? You can view the available networks: Settings --> Carrier. It's possible some of the networks do not use the same LTE bands/frequencies available on your phone. Manually selecting a different provider might allow your phone to connect to the LTE network.


Have a great trip!


Hope this helps Smiley