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No Customer Service - Frustrated

I'm a contributor level 2
I'm a contributor level 2

Hi there,

I wanted to update my data plan today and get a better deal as I've been with Fido for years.  I tried online on my account, but each time I chose a plan, and added to cart, a pop up window would come up with the option to accept the plan, and said I cannot change the plan after, but at the bottom it would say "TAG Mobile Plan." I've never seen that before. I googled TAG Mobile and it comes up as US Company and somethings that I know nothing about.  I called Fido 611 for assistance but got a message saying wait time is over 3 hrs. I gave up being on hold and hung up before I drained my battery.  I called a couple of stores to ask if this was legitamate or some sort of scam.  The first store picked up and hung up on me before I even said a word. I called back and they hung up again. I guess they are too busy to help phone in customers. No hello or can you hold please? Just a hang up! The second store, a guy answered and I tried to ask him, and he laughed and he said I don't know. I asked if the site may have been hacked and he just laughed and said probably! Do you want a new phone? I said, no, I want to upgrade my data plan. He then said, he's busy.  I asked if I could speak with a manager, and he said he is the manager. I asked, are you not concerned about a possible hack? He said, no, I have nothing to do with the online Fido site and laughed.  He then said, he is busy with his customers and hung up.  


I understand that it is Black Friday and it's busy, however, it seems that I can never get a hold of anyone on 611 if I have questions regardless of any day of the year. The stores only care if you are going to buy a new phone or a new customer. They don't care about those of us that have been a Fido customer for decades.


I tried the Ask Jack online option, but it's a robo csr useless for anything I need to check on.  No human to chat with, online or on 611 or at the stores, to help up upgrade my data plan.  I may not be looking for a new phone at this moment, but I have purchased phones from Fido before and would getting a new one in a few months.  I feel like the company doesn't care about me as a consumer and the people at the store level that I called today are the most rudest people on the planet. They didn't even care about my concern about a possible hack or compromise to the Fido website.  

I did not upgrade my plan online afterall, because I found the pop up saying TAG Mobile odd.  I cannot be sure if its legitamate.  So basically the self service online model didn't work for me. 


I have spent so much time on this today, I am frustrated and very disappointed with Fido.  It seems that anytime I need help with my account to update or upgrade or have any questions, there is no customer service. Fido needs to make better customer service available. The stores, seems to only have sales on their mind! I'm sure I am not the only one feeling this way.   If anyone knows anything about this TAG Mobile thing, and why it comes up as part of the Fido cart option, please let me know.  Or if anyone at Fido headoffice or anything can help me, please let me know.  Thanks everyone for hearing me out. Have a better day, than I have had. 


I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Agreed, been on the line for 2hrs. Music plays stops after, im on my third call. 
They might be busy but they are definitly not trying help the loyilty base. Been with Fido for 13years.