New customer with 56$ plan 8gig + 2Gig bonus

New customer with 56$ plan 8gig + 2Gig bonus

New customer with 56$ plan 8gig + 2Gig bonus

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New customer with 56$ plan 8gig + 2Gig bonus

I just joined Fido and ordered the BYOD 56$ 8 gig +2 gig bonus plan.

When I go into my profile I see the 8gigs but no where do I see the extra 2 marked anywhere.

 Where should I be looking for it?


Also on a kinda of bad note, Fido ported my number across yesterday, which would be fine except for the fact I did not receive my new Sim chip and my old service is shut down. Also they sent the new chip to my home address by UPS of course no one is home (called working for a living) Soooo, I am without a phone (which I really need) and a chip that I cannot get to and time soon.

Not good for a new customer.


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Obviously UPS won't just drop off your sim card at your door so others can take it and activate their phone with your name attached to it. Fido did not do anything wrong here so they are not to blame.


Keep in mind most people have a working life and it is not the fault of the delivery company or the vendor for shipping the package to your house when you are not home.  You could have asked FIdo to ship the SIM card to your work place.


You can ask UPS to deliver the package to your work (there may be a cost) or just go to Fido store to give you a SIM card.  Alternatively, you can go to the UPS depot and arrange to pick up ther package there.

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Thank you for the response and of course I accept that outcome, if I was informed then I would have made the arrangements for it. But it was email  at 1am this morning saying it was shipped. 

Of know that..right.

But, that is the minor issue here! So, out of all of what I said that that is the only thing you picked up on. Hmmm.


Again thanks.

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Hey @spkv2


Welcome to the Community Smiley 


Sorry to learn you were without a working line for a bit there. 


With such offer, the plan description would show only 8 GB but the 2 GB bonus will appear on the invoice and when you check your usage. Do you see a total of 10 GB when you check your usage? 


Let me know!