New Bonus not for Old Customers !!!!

New Bonus not for Old Customers !!!!

New Bonus not for Old Customers !!!!

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New Bonus not for Old Customers !!!!

I have been a Fido customer for 12 years and currently I dont have a contract so no obligation to stay. 


Today I noticed that new customers will get a better deal compared to me. I pay $65 for 5gb of data and new customers will get 6gb for the same amount of money. When I talked to the customer service they told me that I am not eligable for that plan !!!!


So in other words, they want me to leave Fido. Keep in mind exactly same offer is now available through multiple other carriers !!!!! 


I hope the marketing department understands that by offering such plans it only motivates loyal customers with no contract to leave fido 

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I'm with you on that one! I have been with fido for many years, I called a couple months back hoping to somehow add at least one extra gb of data to my plan as there was a huge promo going on with other companies I believe 5 or 6 gb for 60$ don't quote me on that though. When I called fido she told me because I am a loyal long time customer there was nothing they could offer!! I was in shock and even filled out the survey and made a point to inform them about this and nothing.. not even an email back. I just signed up for a tablet for 15$ a month and was only offered 2gb now for new customers it's 3gb for 15$!  it really is unfortunate that they do not have promos for those who have given so much money to them. 

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Hey @DaniD


Welcome to the Community Smiley 


That's definitely not how we want you to feel. We're always working on new offers both for new and loyal customers. 


Feel free to reach out if you'd like us to take a look at what's available to you. 

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Hey @AS27, welcome to the community! 


As @EFTC mentioned, we often have different promotions available for all our customers. 


We're available here in PM or through other channels if you want to go over your options.

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So much drama over 1Gb of data. 


I feel that you are more intested in leaving Fido than actually wanting to stay so I will keep my comments short.


Fido does offer good deals from time to time. During Christmas 2017 Fido offered a promotional plan of $45.00 for 6 GB or data for new and old customers. I am surprised why you did not jump on that deal.  They will probably offer something groundbreaking again in Dec 2018. 


Lastly, Fido treats all customers the same regardless you have been with them for only 12 years or 20 years. Don't expect royality treatment for being with them for only 12 years. 


If you feel like leaving, we are sorry to see you go. Make sure you compare apples to apples on competitors plans. 

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No offence EFTC but you're coming across as a paid shill for Fido. The key phrase that you and other "MVPs" keep using of "WE" as if you work for or are compensated by FIDO doesn't help your cause either.

Telling PAYING consumers that they should stop drama over 1GB of data, is not the way to treat people. What if that 1GB at no extra cost would mean even greater savings to him if he goes over the 5GB he has? Then you shouldn't be adding salt to the wound by stating old plans that they can't get vs what he would and should get NOW. Telling him to wait for something that is available now is pretty low.


He is not wrong at all stating that sales/marketing should own up to the clusters they create without thinking of existing customers and worse yet the front line employees that have to deal with, the rightfully so, angry customers!

Sorry but yes, customers should be treated differently or at least equally (he's not even asking for more than what is out there to customers now)!  Saying 12 or 20 years doesn't matter is ignorant!  Customer centric companies appreciate their customers and work with them, not throw up scripted responses or "you can go away now" attitudes. Especially in this economy and age of information being everywhere.


So yes, hopefully he can get his PAID for EQUAL service and Fido starts recognizing the consumer again and not continuing on the downword trend they are having presently!

Hello ToloCDN,


@ToloCDN wrote:...other "MVPs" keep using of "WE" as if you work for or are compensated by FIDO...

  Just to clarify, MVPs do not work for Fido and do not get compensated in any way for contributing in these forums. I do not recollect ever using 'we' when referring to Fido. I always try to make a point of using 'they' or 'them'.



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Thanks a lot for the proper reply. Honestly I was shocked and surprised by the way @EFTC replied to me. In my opinion I was just raising a valid issue and he was just attacking me. I guess he/she only agrees with posts praising Fido service and whoever has a complaint cannot raise their voice here !!!! 


As a matter of fact, it is not @EFTC opinion if 1Gb matters or not. I hope he/she understands how ignorant and impolite was the reply. 


I am not sure who decides that @EFTC is a MVP.