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New Account Set Up

I took advantage of the deal last week for 10GB for $60 / month. It is a great deal. Getting an account and phone set up took approx. 4.5 hours and 3 separate visits to the same kiosk. This does not include waiting in line up, which was understandable considering the deal.


First issue was the system shut down so they were unable to finalize my account creation. I was told to leave and come back in a couple hours, so I did. I came back and went to a different rep who worked on my account creation for about an hour, who then passed me along to a 3rd rep, who worked on my account creation for about 2 hours, who then passed my along to the 1st rep I started out with. He finalised my account and told me everything was good to go and working. I got home and phone would not work. I went back to kiosk the next day and the 1st rep was there and checked everything and told me to just give it a few more hours. I left and didn't think that seemed reasonable so went back and the 2nd rep checked my system and went through 3 different sim cards before my phone actually started to work. 


Although all the reps were very friendly I fealt like the 1st rep was very careless and not genuinely concerned with solving the real problem.


Anyway.. just wanted to post this in hopes no one else never has to spend over 4 hours to get a plan set up.


Merry Christmas!


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Hi @Grego1 & welcome to the Community!


Despite the time it took, I'm glad to read that everything is now up and running. Smiley


Welcome to Fido and Happy Holidays!