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Negative customer support experience

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

This is feedback on a recent experience I had using Fido's customer support chat.


I connected with an agent via online chat in order to port a phone number over to Fido. I gave the agent clear information about the other phone number, the other account number, everything (as I had recently ported another number). The agent took a long time to handle the request and told me it was done and it would take 24-48 hours for the port to occur. I questioned him on this, as usually it takes 15 minutes.


He then admitted that he didn't actually successfully port the phone number. In his exact words in the chat: "i think i did something wrong." He then asked for my information again. Another 10 minutes or so goes by, and then he tells me that he can't port a Fido number to another Fido account. I had to explain to him (again) that I was porting a Koodo number to Fido.


At this point, I gave up and phoned *611 to request the port. After I was connected on the phone, the whole process took about 5 minutes and was handled professionally.


The entire chat time with the first agent was over 40 minutes (not including wait time to connect to chat). I didn't type very much. There was just a long wait time after any time I typed anything (2-10 minutes at a time). Adding on the queu time, I spent 1 hour of my weekend getting nothing done, which was frustrating. Moreover, this experience erodes my trust in the type of outsourcing Fido might be doing to save on customer support. I get the vibe that support agents are providing fictitious Canadian names / locations, while actually working from distant locations, given the lack of training and language skills.


I'm qualified level 1
I'm qualified level 1

Hi PaulR 

Im sorry for your bad experience. One thing is good: Your phone number is now ported. Smiley Agents have differents skills, some are better in a thing, some in others things. I hope you will understand, and i hope you will apreciate the new Fido experience Smiley Have a nice day Smiley It's been a pleasure. If u have any questions i'm here to help and if u like my answer don't forget to mark as the best answer Smiley Gotcha