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Need help with my bill due to an accident in my family

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

been a Fido customer for years and I had a big issue happen in my life where my partner was hit by a car and was hospitalized and was off of work. I had no choice but to pay all the bills and a few started to get built up cause of me being the only person able to pay for everything. I know it's no excuse but I wasn't able to pay my phone bill due to rent and other big bills. I was so stressed I was going to loose my home and evything. It's been so hard with the increase of evrynting. I did have my plan cancelled on November 8th due to non payment was told I have the 30 days to pay off the balance due to retrieve my cellular and phone number. Now it's been less then 30 days and they added on the rest of my phone thta is included in my phone bill. Now the 30 days has no passed so I still have less then a week to pay of the Blanance due. Now that they've added in the amount left from the phone has put me in a position where now I have no chance to pay to the phoen off and I'm so upset and stressed. The 30 days has no past which means I stilll have time to pay the balance and retrieve my phone number and cellular back. Which my plan is included in the monthly. So the left over amount shoud not of been added on until the 30 days has passed. So on December 9th technically my number can be reassigned and I will loose my service for good. But not that they added on that unnecessary amount before the 30 days past I'm so stressed and have no idea what to do. I do have a child so my child is first to come so my phone bills was not a thought but not an excuse. I've been  fido customers for years have spent thousands and just really need the help but everyone I've talking and messaging in support arnt not helping and creating stress. 



Hello @Jessnm,


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Sorry to hear that your partner had an accident and I hope that person has a speedy recovery.


You might want to reach out to the Credit Operations Team and see if they are willing to work with you and set up a payment arrangement plan, you can get more information here.

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I have reached out , I need a manger /supervsior to contact me as Ive I'm supporr/chat for days and just deal w inconsistent wait times and then have problems getting disconnected. Im so frustrated at this point and seem to get no where with the support. I sat on the chat support for 10 hours yesturday to just have myself disconnecting after 100 +people in the quenue. Then talked to one support got offered a coupon and then got disconnected and let the person know and he couldn't and apparently don't give out discounts, I just upset with inconsistentcy. Please reach out to my main email to reach out for alternative phone number. 

Hello again @Jessnm,


You should note this community forum is not a form of customer service for Fido it is meant for customers to help each other, you should also note that Fido does not provide support via email.


You should contact the credit operations team the details can be found through the link I provided above.