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My account does not show the discount amount

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

 I am a new Fido customer .During the Black Friday promotion I got a  new iPhone 12  64GB for $20/mo and a 12 GB plan for $40 . Today I recieved a Bill of $144.55 in my app, account with no trace of the $20 discount.  


I had received the below email from Fido yesterday . On speaking with the customer care personnel I was told they don't see the change in their system. I don't understand what should my next step be?


---------------------------------Email content pasted below-------------

Thanks for contacting us about your recent device purchase and applicable credit. This email confirms we’ve made the following change to your account.

The Payment Program Promotion credit associated with your financed device has increased. In order to provide you with the higher discount, we have updated the credit amount on your account from $4.59 to $20.84 per month. This will appear as a bill credit applied to your Fido account over the 24-month financing term outlined in your Fido Payment Program Agreement. The Payment Program Promotion ends if your financing agreement is cancelled.



Hi @SapnaN , the changes to your account won't be seen on your account until the next billing cycle. If it doesn't show up on the next cycle, then I would contact customer support and have them look at it. If the agent told you it was done, then I would expect it to show up next cycle. Some of the various contacts methods can be found Here