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Multiple "one ring scam" calls

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

For the past three days I have been getting a ridiculous amount of phone calls from these one ring scammers. First the calls were originating out of Chicoutami, Quebec, all with the same area code and first three digits, only the last four digits ever change, making it impossible to block these calls. Now I'm getting calls from Harrow, Ontario and it's the same thing, same area code, same first three numbers and the rest all different. I answered one call and someone asked for Rob.
I know not to call these numbers back but it's getting out of hand. Non stop all day long every day. I block the numbers and they just switch them and keep calling! I'm not changing my number. 


Hi @RadikalChikken , I know how frustrating these scam calls are. Have you turned on the suspected spam calls in your settings? I found once I did this I received way less scam calls to my line. There is also a notification telling you it's suspected spam and you can check the number in case you recognize it and can mark it not spam. Hope that gives you one more layer of protection against the scammers.