Mobile data counter discrepancy

Mobile data counter discrepancy

Mobile data counter discrepancy

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Mobile data counter discrepancy

Good morning,

My name is Ted Danciu and I am writing to you about my Fido accounts for the telephonr numbers: ***-***-**** and ***-***-****.

It is apparent that your systems have committed some serious errors in calculating the data usage for my phones for the following reasons:

1- When using the Databytes for number 437... the usege was counted against my normal datra. Error was reviewed with your customer rep and a ticket was issued and 5 GB were going to be credited to my account. The problem should have stopped there if youe systems worked properly.

2- After using about 13.4 GB on number 437 (that includes free databytes too) my usage of data was cut off and my “Fido account app” showed 0 bytes available. I called your customer rep and was informed that I still have 4.3GB available and data was activated again. The failure of your systems was that it cut my data even thou I still had plenty available.

3- The third failure is that My Fido account app still shows that I have 0 GB available when I am using it right now. I have no way to know when to stop using and the penalty for going over the limit is extremely steep. So theoretically I have around 4GB available; practically I maybe able to use 2GB.

4- The fourth failure is that you cut my usage of data on number 416 when you claim that I used 8.4GB. The usage should have been stopped at 7Gb (2Gb per plan and 5GB over at $50) if your systems worked properly. That is the $50 dollars max that is allowed by regulation before you have to stop usage.

5- Your fifth failure is that you claim that I used 8.4 Gb when my phone shows 6.4GB used. You even instructed me to go to a Fido store have the phone “checked”. I went there and the store manager had a cursory look at the display after which he called a Fido rep and I had to spend another half an hour on the phone explaining the situation. The manager also tried to explain that your systems could never fail, in spite of all the contrary evidence. So all your surveys that claim that you listen to your customers are bunk. I understand that there can be a small discrepancy between the two counters but not 2GB. Therefore on the balance of probabilities based on your multiple failures is that my phone is correct and your systems wrong. It is the first time that I find such a major discrepancy between the phone and your counter. In the past when I went over the limit the bill reflected accurately what my phone showed.


So to recap: last weekend my total usage on the two phones was slightly over 12GB and I have a total of 12Gb combined between the two. So worst case scenario I would have had to pay $10. Instead of that I probably can expect a bill of at least $70 extra and I have no data on one of the phones.

Given all the above I had expected that you will say: “Sorry, we can not honestly say how much usage you actually had!” Instead I wasted at least two and a half hours talking to your reps and had to take a trip to the store to prove my telephone usage display.


Such massive failures are not limited to one account. Most likely that are numerous others that will have a shock when they will receive their bill. The honest and professional thing to do is not to charge anybody for extra usage during this suspected period.




Ted Danciu

12 June 2018


***Edited to remove personal information***

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Hey @ted12234


That's definitely not the kind of experience we want you to have. 


I will send you a private message so we can take a look at your account and see what happened there. 


Chat soon!