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Misleading by Fido Store

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2



I recently upgraded my plan with iphone 12 mini from Fido store during the balck friday promotion. The store rep. told me that they are giving airpods pro with the plan at $0 if you stay in contract for 2 years. 


After getting the contract copy, the airpods are showing as financed accessories. and upon checking with store they told me this is how it shows. But the monthly bill will not show any amount for it. 


However, Fido chat confirmed that the amount for airpods will be added to my monthly bill. And now, the store is denying the fact and not accepting returns even thouh I am within 15 days return policy period and accessories are not even opened.  Please confirm who is correct because if i wait for 1st bill i will be outside my return policy window and if i can return it online ? 


Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)

Hey @neha3,


I'm sorry if there was any confusion around the promotion on accessories. 


The promotion itself was a credit of $120 on the financing over 24 months for any accessory. Therefore, depending on the full price of the accessory, it is possible that a monthly financing was to be added to the invoice. 


For example, for a set of earphones that cost $200 at full price, you would get a credit of $120 and then pay the rest over 24 months:


$200 - $120 = $80 / 24 months = $3.33 monthly financing charged on the invoice. 


As for the return, I'll send you a private message here on the community to take a closer look into it. 


In the future, if you have any questions directly related to your account please reach out to us here instead for immediate assistance. 


Talk soon!