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Miscommunication by Fido support agent

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Dear Fido Team 

I am struggling to get hold of right person from Fido.

3 weeks ago I changed a plan over the Fido chat and agent gave me all the details about the plan and I gave go ahead to the agent to change the plan but after that when they checked online it was altogether different monthly cost I right away called fido and was on call for more then an hour first with the agent and then even the supervisor first they didnt accept there mistake and the answer I got from the supervisor was that there is nothing much she can do about it although it was a mistake by the agent which she accepted. Last what she said that she can give me another package as to compensate for which I agreed to and now when I got my bill its again different amount which is higher then what we agreed and i accepted. I am very much frustrated and disappointed by this kind of wrong doing by Fido with there customers.

can someone in this community guide me where and how to escalate my issue with Fido management as I don't want other innocent customers to suffer like me. 
I am also attaching my convo with the agent as proof that what I was communicated and I agreed and what I got at the end was way different 





Hey @fatim1978


I'm sorry to hear that. 


Please note this isn't a servicing channel, however, please reach out to us using these methods and we'd be more than happy to review your account for you. Smiley