Loyalty Offers

Loyalty Offers

Loyalty Offers

I'm a Participant Level 2

Loyalty Offers

After checking Fido website, and talked with Customer Representative and supervisor which was not good.

They gave me a so call loyalty offer that is even less than what Fido website offer. Not even close to what their competitor offer. Very disappointed and not sastisfied with offers.


1. For new customers they offer iphone 11 pro max on $36.25 with $140 and reimburse with bill credit of $150  
but couldnt get special offer for existing customer who wants to upgrade device. they offer me iphone 11 pro max on $42.09 with $100 bill credit being a so called LOYAL CUSTOMER


 2. Much better deal they offer on Add new line but couldnt get for existing loyal customer.

I'm a Participant Level 2

This is how Fido treat with all existing customer and if i am wrong then please check your social media plateform pages.

you will see frustration of existing customer regarding offers.


Thank you.

Stay safe stay healthy.

I'm a Participant Level 2

There is nothing lilke special offer for Being a fido customer, i have checked all the promos.

Other providers offering much higher deals and when i compare with fido promos its not even equal.


Being a Loyal customer there is no benefits. totally disappointed with fido offers. 
Time has come to switch over to other provider.


Hey @Buntypatel88! Smiley

We have tons of promos going on right now for Black Friday but they do vary depending on the transaction you perform. We have promos available for adding lines to your account and other promos for upgrading your existing line!


You can view all the details on our fido.ca promo page  to benefit from the offers you can even upgrade right on fido.ca! Smiley

We appreciate your loyalty and we hope that info helps!