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Long distance overcharges

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1



I have been using Fido service for quite some time. I have an add-on pack for 1000 international minutes, which I never avail entirely every month. 


I was really shocked to see long distance overcharges of $ 651.70 last month. Usually, warning messages are sent whenever we cross the data limit. So, I was under the impression that I would be notified if I cross international calling limit. I did not receive single warning message. Finally, I received a bill through a link stating 'overcharged payment' once after the billing cycle is completed. The link could not be opened as well!


I reached the customer care many times, but they keep telling that they cannot do away with the charges. 

I hope whoever reading this can understand my situation. Nobody would like to pay $651.70 long distance overcharges in a monthly phone bill. As I was not assisted with the overcharge issue through customer care, I am posting my concern in the forum, hoping some one could help me out of this. 


Thanks in advance!



Hey @dnkarun,


Welcome to the Community!


We understand your concerns, having a higher than usual invoice is never a pleasant surprise. 


It's important to note that text message alerts are only sent for airtime minutes (on non-unlimited plans) and data and don't apply to any other service. However, you do have the possibility to stay on top of your 1000 international minutes usage through My Account directly. You can track the usage through there at any time to make sure that you don't go over and avoid overages. 


This being said, I'll send you a PM to revise the account.


See you there!