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Long Distance Charges

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1


Yesterday I received a bill for $400, just for someone else's mistake. I called Fido and they took no action at all. What happened was- I called Fido on Sept 13, for some adjustment to my plan, where the customer service lady told me that I have 1000 internation minutes that will expire in Aug 11,2022. I wasn't sure, so I confirmed more than 3 times with her, that I could use my expiring minutes till Aug 2022. So, I went ahead and took advantage of my expiring minutes. This month, when the bill came in, it said $400. I called Fido and they said that it was a human error, since it was not in writing, we can not help with anything. They accepted that it was her mistake, for giving wrong information and they will report her. But I am still required to pay $400. It doesn't make any sense to me, customer service people are the first point of contact, if they are giving wrong information, who else could I trust. I just beleived whatever she said. I do understand that mistakes can happen, but I feel this is a just imposing money on me. I am a poor student and I have been a customer since so long. I have never missed any payment,nor have I gone overlimit for my minutes or data in past years. I am very cautiuos with my limits. But this, I just feel like that they are making me pay for someone else's mistake. I get a warning message as usual, but since she expalined me that these are the expiring minutes for my old plan, I could use anytime till Aug 2022, So I assumed it was just for my old plan, but I had a new plan after Sept 13. Could someone please help me out, I am a poor student, earning hardly little every month, plus study loans. Please help me out, I can not afford this. Thank you very much.



Hey @RajwinderKaur1

I'm really sorry to hear about your experience and if there was any misunderstanding regarding those minutes. We'll send you a PM so we can have a closer look into this with you.