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Lets talk about Trust and Relationship

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Internet experience

2019-12-26 (Boxing Day): Fido Had an on line promotion for a $200.00 Bill credit while upgrading to a new phone. I have two lines with Fido and I tried to upgrade both phones. The first one to a Samsung Galaxy S10+ ($420 at boxing day) and the second line to a Huawei P30 Pro ($450 at Boxing day). Unfortunately I was only able to upgrade the second line on line which had an issue with the plan which was wrongly updated. After hours trying to upgrade the first line I decided to contact Customer Care.


Fido Customer Care

2019-12-26: On the same day I contacted Fido and I was told to try on the next day as the system was overwhelmed and that I shouldn't be concerned about the promo as it would still remain to the next day.


2019-12-27: Unfortunately the information given was wrong and on the next day the promo was gone. To be worse while trying to fix the plan upgrade issue I was advised to cancel the order which was completed and try again. Unfortunately the promo was gone and I ended up with nothing. On top of the issue the plan upgrade could not be reversed so now I have a more expensive plan on the second line for no additional service and I lost the promo entirely. In order to try to help my issue was escalated to a supervisor who was supposed to contact me on the next 24hours but this never happened and I never received a call back.


2019-12-28: On the next day I tried to contact Customer Care once again and I was escalated to a supervisor. Finally a first light of solution: Understanding the issue the supervisor advised me to go to a Fido Store to get both phones for the price promised on the boxing day and on top I would have the $200.00 Bill credit restored without any problem. I was quite happy with the solution. Obviously it was already late so I decided to visit the store next day.


2019-12-29: Going to a Fido Store and I am told the information given does not match with the system and also that they can not do anything for me. I am advised once again to contact Fido Customer Care. I tried to contact Fido Customer Care but after waiting 1 hour and 40min on the phone for 3 times I gave up. 


2019-12-30: My little baby gets very sick and We concentrate our attention on him for couple days ending at the hospital (ear infection). 


2020-01-01: We passed our New Years Eve at the hospital and only return home on the next day. 


2020-01-02: Back home from Hospital and exhausted. 


2020-01-03: I contacted Fido Customer Care to double check all info just before going to a Fido Store again and I was escalated to a supervisor again. For my terrible surprise this is what Mike (supervisor) told me:

"Sorry Sir but it's unfortunate that you missed the promotion and also that you took so long to solve it. At this point we can not do anything for you. We also can not longer give you the $200.00 bill credit and on top the phone prices have gone up. We can no longer keep the same prices offered at boxing day. We understand your frustration but there is nothing we can at this point." I asked to be escalated again as I felt insulted, frustrated and disappointed with such lack of respect and trust with Fido's representatives. Once again I as told: "Sorry Sir, there is no one above me, it's unfortunate you missed the promotion.".   


Insulted, absolutely frustrated and disappointed with such lack of respect and trust.  I am a Fido Customer with 2 lines for about 8 years now and I was never treated like that before. A total lack of trust and respect. Even though I called the Customer Care insistently and also chat over the web and had an initial solution set up by a supervisor who never gave me a deadline and even though I visited the Store on the next day and contacted Fido Customer Care over and over again I ended up loosing everything with no consideration what so ever. 


The only reason I am writing here is that I still believe that someone on top level of this organization still care about the impact of trust and relationship with its Customers. Is there someone who can still provide a better solution rather than this tragic end? Or should I conclude that it is really an unfortunate that I can not trust on what is said over the phone or over the web while contacting Fido Customer Care? 





Hey there @marcy


Thanks for sharing your feedback, and I'm sorry to hear the experience offered did not resolve your situation or enable you to take advantage of the ongoing holidays offers.


To clarify, we do have different options available, though the boxing week deals are indeed expired. That said, we'd like to take a closer look at your account and to review the recent interactions as well, and hopefully try to turn your experience around.


I'll be sending you a PM shortly here on the Fido Community, please keep an eye on your inbox. Talk to you soon.

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

So far Fido's representative insist on telling me that its unfortunate but I really lost everything. 


I lost the entire promo because of a Fido's representative mistake and consecutive mess one after the other with other representatives, including supervisors. Is quite disappointing that Fido don't assume it's own mistake and leave a loyalty Customer without any consideration even when it was Fido's fault entirely. 


Fido's supervisors seem to not understand that I lost the opportunity because of Fido's representative entire mistake. 


I feel not only frustrated but insulted with such a lack of respect. I was not given  a solution, but just stated politely that I lost everything and that nothing can be done for me and that Fido don't consider to amend any mistake done by your own representatives. 


If this is the way Fido treat its loyalty Customers and how it deals with its own mistakes I am willing to leave this company and search for another that respect our relationship and a company I can trust when given instructions. And also express to as many friends as I can how Fido resolve this kind of situation. 

Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @marcy, we've answered your PM and rest assured, we'll keep working with you to find a suitable solution.