Lets play the "I can't help you" game. AKA, the "call the 1-800 number, no go to the store" game

Lets play the "I can't help you" game. AKA, the "call the 1-800 number, no go to the store" game

Lets play the "I can't help you" game. AKA, the "call the 1-800 number, no go to the store" game

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Lets play the "I can't help you" game. AKA, the "call the 1-800 number, no go to the store" game



Fido Services Canada


Re: Service related issues, and lack of follow-up.


This letter is in concerns to my account with Fido, and the level of frustration I’ve had to endure with dealing with your company.  I will attempt to break this down into sections; due to the interactions I’ve had with your employees, and their lack of ability to address more than one issue at a time.  I trust that the problems outlined in this letter will be met with a timely review and resolution, and that all future interactions with Fido.

I am not the first person I have knowledge of who has had serious problems with Fido’s service.  My roommate has had issues as well.

To start with, after moving to Guelph in March 2011, I had called in to submit a change of address request to make sure that my bills would arrive at my new address in Guelph.  It was OVEE a year later that I finally spoke to someone who actually took an interest in hunting down the real reason why I was not getting my bills in Guelph, and took the necessary actions to fix this issue.  Currently, I have not seen if the bills have been properly setup, as this is the first bill since changing the address information.

In early 2011, I purchased a Fido branded “rocket stick” from my local kiosk, and was told that at the time of purchase, I would be able to remove my SIM card from my phone and put it in the “rocket stick” to use my 6Gb data plan on that stick.

This setup worked well for ~8 months until the hardware stopped working.  When I inquired to Fido as to the warranty, I was told that since I purchased the stick out right, I would have to contact ZTE (the manufacture) for warranty.  Upon calling the manufacture’s support number, I was once again told that because I had purchased it through my carrier, I would have to go to the carrier to obtain any warranty support.

I spent over 3 weeks fighting with Fido employees who had no interest in actually fixing the issue, and were more than happy to ignore the fact that the “stick” is a Fido branded stick, and the SIM card is a Fido branded SIM card.  They however became fixated on the fact that I had a non Fido brand phone (not what I was calling about), and refused to talk to me.  During this time, I was told by the people at the 1-800 number to go to my local store to have the issue “fixed”.  When I arrived at the local Fido store, I was told there was nothing they could do, and I had to call the 1-800 number.

In a fit of frustration, I picked up the local land line at the local store and proceeded to call the 1-800 number to put the two representatives in contact with each other in order to “fix” this issue.  Once I reached someone from tech support on the 1-800 line, each representative refused to talk to each other, or to me.

This USB stick was finally replaces (but not after I was charged a second time for the new stick), and the general fight that took place in order to get that credited back to my account. 

In July of 2010, I called in to change my long distance plan from 1,000 minutes of long distance to unlimited long distance, the representative who changed my data plan (a 6Gb plan) to a “flex plan” without informing me, or with my permission.  I was totally unaware of this change until the next billing cycle.  At that time, I found out that I was now facing a $35 bill increase due to the flex data plan.

I proceed to call in and have this straightened out.  I was met with representatives talking over me, transferring me to other departments, and hanging up on me.  In the process of trying to get a hold of someone who knew what was going on, I started requesting identifying information from the people I was talking to.  This was met with “I’m bob from the Toronto office”.  On a second call into the 1-800 number the SAME DAY, I asked to look into my records for the “Bob” I spoke to.  I was then informed that there is no “Bob” who works “at the Toronto office”.

This is NOT the first time I’ve dealt with representatives talking over me, ignoring the root cause of propels, transferring me to people who have NO idea what is going on, being hung up on, etc.  To further insult my intelligence, I have been told flat out that since the notes don’t match what I’m telling the representative that I’m lying to them.

As for “supervisors”, there is ALWAYS “none available”, or my personal favorite “the supervisor will deem if this call is worth their time”.  I LOVE this reply.  It’s like being a CHILD asking a parent if they can have another cookie.  Who is running this show?  Who is paying their salaries?  The customer, or someone else.  I run my own business, and I have NEVER done this to a client!  And “supervisor call backs”!  LOL, it’s more like “now customer, get off the phone, we’re never going to call you back, and ~IF~  we do, we’ll call back and not know WTF is going on, then we’ll “promise to call you back” again, and never do.  And when you call back, we won’t have “any record of anyone who should be calling you back regardless if you have an interaction number, or if you do, we’ll just lie and say we called you back”.

So far, since I started with Fido, I have had the following issues;

-          Purchased 3 Motorola Razors at my cost (first 2 were deemed defective by tech support, and the kiosk refused to replace them under warranty (In B.C.)

-          Purchased 3 SIM cards (once again, tech support “claimed” the SIM was the issue, just like the phones, and once again, the local store refused to replace or refund the purchase price)

-          Was told by tech support that I had to go out to an area with a GPS, and my cell phone to “map out the dead spots” on my own time, as well as at my own expense to “improve” the network.

-          I had one cell phone stolen, and customer service REFUSED to assist me with either locking out the account, or assisting the RCMP to recover the stolen property.

-          I have had to pay countless “reconnection fees” due to Fido reps NOT repairing my issues, and me withholding payment due to services were not being rendered in full.

-          I’ve been told that Fido will dictate when, where, and how I can use the services I am paying for, as well as no advanced warning about service interruption.

-          COUNTLESS, ENDLESS harassing phone calls from your credit department when a bill is 2 DAYS past its due date.  After speaking to those reps, they have been warned MANY times that this IS harassment.  And that ALL billing related correspondences will be IN WRITING.

I trust that this “short” list of issues will be looked into, and dealt with in a speedy manner.  And as your credit operations department thinks it is ok to continually harass me, and it is IMPOSSIBLE to reach ANYONE of any power within Fido, I will be e-mailing a copy of this letter every 15 minutes from whatever e-mail address, fax phone number, and/or paper mail I see fit until these issues have been resolved.

I trust in the future, I (as well as any other customers of Fido Canada) will NOT have to go through this kind of harassment, and poor service.



-Scott Moseley




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It clearly states on your bill the amount of your and the date it is due to be paid by so if you choose to ignore it and don't make steps to pay your bill in full by the due date then it is a late payment and it is not harrassement to contact you to inquire when the bill will be paid.

You provide a service to your employer (unless your on welfare than of course you don't provide any service) and you expect to be paid on time for the service you provide and your employer makes sure you are paid in full by the correct date.  Fido and every other carrier provides a service to you and expects to be paid in full by the specific date. 

How long would you wait before you called your employer if you weren't paid in full by the required date. 

How would you feel if your employer yelled at you and said you were harassing them when you asked for your full pay??

If theres a mistake on your bill you need to call customer care to have the issue rectified befroe the due date.



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Hello Jeeves_Moss.


I have read your post and certainly understand how your previous experiences with Fido were frustrating for you. I wish to sincerely apologize in regards to what you have gone through.


However, it is not possible for me to help you via the forum since I do not have access to your account. I will be sending you a private message in order to assist. You will be able to find it by clicking on the enveloppe in the top right corner of this page.