LOYAL CUSTOMER treated like $#*&$(@ !!! Worst service in a while :(

LOYAL CUSTOMER treated like $#*&$(@ !!! Worst service in a while :(

LOYAL CUSTOMER treated like $#*&$(@ !!! Worst service in a while :(

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LOYAL CUSTOMER treated like $#*&$(@ !!! Worst service in a while :(

The WORST customer service I've ever experienced since the McRibb was taken off the menu. haha!

OKAY, but in all seriousness, this is no joke. I rarely get mad with businesses, but this encounter was too much.


Having been a Fido customer for 4 YEARS, I can understand that things don't always go your way. That's reasonable. 

Whats NOT reasonable is being lied to on the phone several times in one day, not keeping promises and denying services. Truely fustrating, especially after seeing "we appreciate your loyalty!" plastered all over the website... A real insult after dealing with customer service.


So the story...

I called Fido to add TWO new lines onto my Fido account, bringing it to a total of 4 lines, my entire family. I spoke on the phone with the representative and had two nice plans added to my account. We went through the entire process of setting up the accounts and also chose numbers.  The representative tells me everything is complete, and I can go pick up my phone in store. Great, just in time for university!


Fastforward to next day, go to store to pick up phones. Very excited, but speaking to the employee, they tell me they cannot give me a phone or SIM. The employee tells me its a common problem- lack of communication between call center and stores. We call Fido to work things out but apprently the Representative DID NOT do anything at all but reserve the numbers. And the plan that was offered to me? Nope, they now refused to honor their promise. 

>>> This fustration was magnified BY THE HOURS I SPENT ON THE 611 customer service line getting NOWHERE.


I tried to get the same exact plan and phone that was offered to me just a day before. But everything was denied, and the only alternatives were MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE PLANS with MANY LESS FEATURES. (less talk, less data)


>>>IN ADDITION to the fustration...


Fido refused to send me:

- the transcipt/recording of the call

- to a manager (for the first few hours at least)

- to customer retentions department (they flatout denied it)


Fido also lied when:

- They said the plan I activated was expired, when JUST the previous day the Representative said it was the only avaliable alternative to the plan I originally wanted (which actually did expire)

- The plan I activated was eligible for the LG Nexus 4... apparently not... but who knows whose telling the truth- the call center or the store??

- They said there is no plan AT ALL that is below "$30"... despite another Representative offering me a $20 plan just 1 hour ago.


SERIOUSLY. Outright blatant LIES. Also DENYING me access my own call logs (of the convo between me and the Representative who offered me the supposedly activated plans) as well as DENIED access to speak with managers, retentions, cancelation of services...etc. 

Six hours... six hair-tugging, patience-testing, rage-inducing, fustrating hours on the phone and broken promises (and hearts, I really wanted the Nexus 4 Sad got excited for nothing, and too late for university now)


A customer of 4 years... trying to bring TWO new lines, my ENTIRE FAMILY, with Fido... and this is how Fido spits on me.








very sad, such is life


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Sorry to hear that, I would be pissed too to wasted 6hrs of my life. However, looking back at your story. You didn't lose any money over this.

Now, here's the truth. Fido's telephone service is not the most reliable, acturally none of the telephone services are reliable. Mainly becuase some companies contract out their telephone support, there are no record of the conversation, each operator can have different level of what can and cannot provide you with.

Try not to use telephone features if you can aviod it. Instead, go to a store and talk face to face with a sales. or use Fido Internet Chat support, which you can save a transcript.

Good news for you is that the Nexus 4 priced dropped to $249 on Google Play, this pricing has yet been reflected on Fido yet.
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I dunno if i can agree on this with you wufai...."go to a store and talk face to face with a sales"

I am not sure if fido made adjustments but from what I can remember fido kinda made it useless to talk to a sales representative and instead pointing towards calling 611... I remembered bk what i tried to do stuffs face to face with a sales, i always get the response "there is limited stuff we can do here in the store, we strongly recommand you to call 611 blablabla"

Ever since i have been calling instead and of cos had issues definitely.


Certain call agent can be very helpful and reliable, some others not so much..the last one i talked to was awesome...the others hmmm not so much slapped with a huge bill before because of them.


I was told this by a nice shaw cable guy before... when you call always get their company representative ID code and Name.

So you know who you are talking to and if required as in this case u can easily trace bk.... Shaw agents are obligated to give you that information if you asked... I am not sure about fido....


My 10 yrs of experience with fido tells me that it makes hell of a difference who you talk to on the phone...in fact never trust a call agent( no offense) ...



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hmm... then we have an disagreement Saiz Tongue


I know there are helpful telephone service reps out there. But becuase there is no face to face or documentation of the conversation process its really hard to follow up IF something goes wrong. I have been treated right by reps over the telephone before, but it will by my last option if I get to choose.


The idea of getting the tele rep's ID and Name is great idea.


Base on personal experience with Fido, I rate Fido's online chat help first, store second, and telephone reps last.  Last time I went to a Fido Store to renewal my service I was blown away by the service level given (of course I double check everything later, most of the stuff promise was given and those forgotten was quickly made good by the online chat team).

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Same feeling here. Today their unlocking team provide a invalid code (that doesn't work) to me and tell me they will charge me $50 regardless, when I ask to speak to their manager both the unlocking team and the customer service department decline the request.

Wasted me 2 hours, and ruin my trip before it starts.