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Keep old number

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Awful service when trying to get new plan,old account cancelled, sent to collection agency, but paid in full ...trying to see if I even want to come back to Fido,do I have to get new phone number,also kid at Kiosk asked me twice about device protection when I stated clearly that I didn't want this time around,scam btw,they were so ridiculous, without postal code they said they couldn't proceed.... ill try calling, maybe ill get somewhere



Hey @Charbie67 Smiley


Sorry to hear about what's been going on. Did you end up receiving the assistance you needed? 


When it comes to keeping your old phone number, it would depend on when the account was cancelled, as it can be reactivated with the same number, in some situations. 


We're available to help and answer your questions via any of the channels listed here