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Issues with Phone and Customer Service

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

   I've been having an ongoing issue with Fido and no matter who I contact I never get a response back.  I got a 'like-new' certified preowned phone in August of 2022. I was told when signing my contract that I had a year with Apple and 30 days with Fido, and this is where all the lies began. As of April 2nd, my phone was completely dead. I went to Apple and they told me there was no point in fixing the phone as it would cost me more than to get a new one. On top of that, I was told that Apple does not fix refurbished phones. My phone in Apple's system was purchased in 2020, so the year of warranty was long finished in Apple's eyes.

    I begin contacting customer service to get help for a phone I have 15 months left to pay for on my contract. NO one was able to help, as they all told me I need to pay the large amount left on my contract to get out of it. One person told me that for the warranty I had 30 days with Fido and a year with Apple, and another told me I had 60 days with Fido and a year with Apple. Since all these calls are always recorded, they are more than capable to hear them for themselves. I requested to speak to a manager in order to get a better understanding as to why my only option from Fido is to pay for a phone that does not work, or even turn on when Apple tries to reset it. When speaking to this manager she was explaining that I need to pay for the phone and that there was no other way out. Until I had mentioned to her that not only did I receive my phone nearly 2 weeks later than the date in their system, but that Apple told me that the warranty from them was long finished, as the phone was purchased by Fido in 2020. She then became very confused about what to say, since this was information I wasn't supposed to know and looked straight into getting my case to the presidential office.

     I was sent to Roger from this office and it did not make my situation any better. He told me that I only had 6 months with Apple for warranty and was told "Even at that they probably wouldn't have helped you anyways". Anything I mentioned about issues I had faced with this phone did not matter to them, as this phone still is worth 900$, even if it is completely finished. They told me my only option are to pay 300$ to get out or to sign a new contract and start over with a new phone. I told him that I need 48 hours to figure out and make a decision on what to do, as I am a full-time student who works a part-time job.  On April 5th, we lost power and service in most of Montreal, therefore I could not get a phone call back from him. I drove a half hour away just to get service to make a phone call to him. Ever since then, I have heard nothing back. I have left several voicemails, and still no answer. I feel more disrespected as the days pass. 

      My family has been with them since 1999, and recently we have felt nothing but disrespected and taken as a joke.  As someone who takes really good care of their phones, I was shocked to have a phone that is considered garbage less than a year into my contract. Luckily enough, I took great care of my old phone which is what I have been using since the incident. Once I told them this, they looked at my case as less urgent, and I quote "At least you have a spare phone". Although I am extremely upset that I am told I have to pay for a phone that is clearly not functional. It is fido responsibility to give me a phone to last 2 years, refurbished or not. 



Hello @anita-leskow,


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An Apple store is like a car dealership they would rather sell you a new device than have you repair the old one they have been many documented reports on this practice, alternatively, you can take your phone to any other cellphone repair shop and they can look at it and probably do the needed repairs.


As for the warranty time frame you would have gotten that in the agreement when you got this device or you can view it here.


 It is fido responsibility to give me a phone to last 2 years, refurbished or not. 

You are mistaken, that's not Fido's responsibility. Fido's responsibility is to provide cellphone service when it comes to the device we (the customer) have two choices we either pay full price or if we can not we can finance the device and that's what the cellphone provider does they provide us a way to afford the device and pay for it over a 2 year period..