Issue to add a tablet line

Issue to add a tablet line

Issue to add a tablet line

I'm a Participant Level 1

Issue to add a tablet line

My friends, I really need help. My family just refer me and activate Fido bring own phone service. But after that I trying to add tablet line under account online. The system always stuck at the final procedure and show me there is a problem. I just contact chat online and they said I reach max line! And it doesn't make sense because that's the only monthly plan I have. I don't had bad credits and since transfer to Fido, I checked my membership with equafax account, they checked me so many times. Now my credits lower these days and told me I can't apply for a tablet? But the thing is I keep recieve promotion from Fido since I activate. Yesterday I log in my account guess what I saw? There are7 different accounts with my same email address and same phone numbers.And that's wired! I trying to contact them again but they told me that just system a little bit delay, they said it's normal but cannot delet them. Did anyone happened this before? 






Hello @xiaoling286


To verify this, we will need to go over your account with you.


You can find all the ways to reach us here.