Invalid SIM

Invalid SIM

Invalid SIM

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Invalid SIM

I have been getting Invalid SIM errors on my phone all of a sudden. If I shutdown my phone and turn back on it goes away periodically.



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Hey @Trainwrecks


Thanks for reaching out on the Community, let's see what could be causing this error message! 


First, can you answer these questions :

1. What phone are you using ?

2. Did you notice if this happens at specific moments or it's random ?

3. Have you tried changing your SIM card to see if it would help or testing the SIM in a different phone ?


Let us know!

I'm a Participant Level 3

I have an iPhone 8.  It seems to happen randomly.  I don’t have access to another sim to test but if I did it happens infrequently to it would be tough to test.

Thanks for the details Devlin.


I definitely get what you mean. It could both be a network or a device issue, this is why this test was suggested.


Do you have a spare phone in which you can test your current SIM card though? If so, this can also help us narrow down the cause.


I'll send you a PM shortly so we can look into this with you.