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International minutes Overused|| Huge Monthly bill charge

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hello Fide Team,


I am writing this message about the recent monthly bill with Fido. I have a monthly plan of $105 that includes 10GB data and 1000 international minutes. 
last month i dint keep track of the international minutes and i ended up crossing the limit way too far and i have been charged for $2025 for overusing the international minutes.


i completely accept the fact that i am at fault for not tracking the usage on the Fido app as i used to do earlier(i am part of Fido family for more than a year now). 

Thing is that due to this COVID situation lots of things going up and down and staying away from your loved ones as you cannot travel and see them, i completely lost the track. 

As this last month i was going through a complete messed up personal life i lost the track. And also, i dint recieve any message from Fido as i use to recieve for data usage for overusage of international minutes.


I talked to customer service representitives they are offering me a payment plan where i can pay this huge amount in installments.


I am not at all in a situation to pay off this huge amount as i am already going through a lot at personal upfront due to this COVID situation

Requesting a help and Expecting a response soon.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @Sumit4


Welcome to our Community! 


I'm really sad to learn that you had a higher invoice than expected, it's definitely an unfortunate situation especially during those times. 


It's important to know that SMS alerts are only sent for airtime minutes (on non-unlimited plans) and data and aren't sent for any other services.


You do have the possibility to stay on top of your 1000 international minutes usage through My Account directly as you mentioned and it's really the best way to avoid going over what's included in your plan and avoid overage charges. We understand that those are unprecedent times, however, overage charges do apply if you use a service that is outside of your plan or if you go over what's included in your plan. 


We understand it's a high amount and not everyone may be able to pay it all at once. What we can suggest is reaching out to our credit operations team by dialing *732 on your Fido as they do offer support and options on overdue payments. 


This being said, when it comes to legitimate charges, we are not able to reverse or credit them. If ever you'd like to review your account, you can reach out to us at these channels or we can send you a PM here if you prefer.