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I was charged $150 for 2GB Data

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I am Fido and Rogers Customer for 40 years.. Before leaving for Cuba, I was told that Roaming cannot be shut by Fido. While using Hotel WiFi, I was given no indication by the system that I was on Roaming and it was $15 a day,'The charges for roaming was $ 150 for 2GB of data. When I asked Customer Service to give me a break, They wouldn't budge as they knew I was stuck with phone plan as I got my iPhone through them. Also, The pre owned iPhone I got keeps dropping WiFi connection several times a day and I am out of warranty.

When I said I might change my carrier, I was politely told to buzz off BUT THEY COULD BLOCK ROAMING NOW,

God knows who is running the Shop there as there is NO CUSTOMER SERVICE AT FIDO ANYMORE 

No one would care that I am disappointed customer stuck with a bad phone that keeps dropping WiFi





Hello @Sayeed786786 


Thank you for your many years with us. Smiley


We appreciate the details you've provided as well. To clarify, customers can opt-out of Fido Roam by contacting customer care channels and choose pay-per-use billing.  In both cases, any usage made with the Fido sim will incur roaming fees. We also notify customers via text message when they connect to a local network covered by Fido Roam about the impact of using their service and the daily rate for the service. We also have a web page explaining everything about Fido Roam. Customers can check it out here.


Did you get the chance to go over the notification?


We understand unwanted charges are never fun, but validated usage cannot be waived. Customers can also enable airplane mode to prevent such usage and charges or simply remove the Fido sim from their device while they are away.


We wouldn't want to see you go though! You're welcome to contact us through these channels and we can take a look at your WiFi calling together.