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I need the call history of incoming numbers otherwise I'm changing company

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

This is very upsetting that I can't get the call list history of incoming numbers. I will be changing phone companies if I can't get this list.


Hi @MeKitCat , @KAPABLE-K  is correct.  However,  I did a quick look on my device and in the phone app there's a list of recent calls to and from my phone. I only looked quickly, but I went back 6 months and all my sent and received calls are there on my device. If you haven't cleared your calls, then you may get what you want that way. Just a thought and possibly a solution to your request. 

Hi @Original_Lucy,


Just to clear up any confusions, I was and I think the OP was referring to the incoming calls on the detailed invoice.


If the OP is looking for an incoming call detail that is recent then retrieving it from the call history on the device is an option like you suggested providing the OP did not clear it.



Thanks @KAPABLE-K , I kind of thought that was what the OP was referring to and just thought that the call history would get them the information needed also. I do remember when our monthly invoices showed every call detail. Ah, the innocent good old days. 😆 


Hello @MeKitCat,


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Unfortunately Fido does not list the numbers of incoming calls, their reason is because of privacy.


The only way to get it is with a court order.