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Never Order a Fido Phone Online!!!

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Let me share my horror story of dealing with Fido over the last month and a half (and counting).


June 11 - Ordered a Certified Pre-Owned LG Velvet for $5/month

June 18 - Contact Fido #1: Did not yet Receive Tracking Number

June 24 - Phone Arrives (with microphone defect)

June 27 - Contact Fido #2: Exchange Phone

June 29 - Contact Fido #3: Tracking Number has wrong address

Jul 1 - Contact Fido #4: Tracking Number address not updated

Jul 2 - Phone delivered to wrong address

Jul 3 - Contact Fido #6 - Exchange Phone Attempt 2

Jul 10 - Contact Fido #7: Did not Receive Tracking Number for Exchange

Jul 17 - Contact Fido #8: Did Not Receive Tracking Number for Exchange

Jul 22 - Fido Back-office calls once and cancels Exchange Phone Attempt 2 due to "System Bug" despite > 2 week waiting

Jul 22 - Contact Fido #9: Exchange Phone Attempt 3


Still waiting for my phone. Never Order a Fido Phone Online! They are Horrible!




Hello @hongshil


Please make sure to contact our customer service to get this looked into.


You can find all the ways to reach us here.

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Since this post I have contacted fido 3 more times. The last time, the customer service person blamed it all on the back office and system glitches. No one has resolved the problem yet and no one takes ownership for the problem. I posted on Facebook, I feel Fido could not care less. They don't seem to care about customers at all or their reputation.


Still waiting for someone to actually help with this.

Hello @hongshil , that sounds like a frustrating experience that you are having. It seems like you have had numerous interactions with various people with no resolution yet. Perhaps making contact with a Fido representative on social media like Twitter or Facebook could yield more information /results/ etc.  You would be able to copy the information you gave here and let the CSR read it over and track it down and respond, all without you having to wait on the phone. 

I don't think that any of the customer service reps want you to have a bad experience and will do their best to resolve this with you.