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I cannot access details on any of my texting activity that supposedly reduced my balance

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Fido reduces our balance but denies us access to see where or how much texting we had done to explain the drop in the balance.  This seems to be a very unfair market practice as it then leads to the impression that you are reducing our balances without justification in terms of the texts we have sent on prepaid plans.  Why are we then not being given access to see our number of texts and also our  payments as part of the account information?   Why are our balances being reduced without having made use of the texts that we are allowed.  Is Fido doing this to pressure us into taking a monthly more costly plan?



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Sorry you feel this way about the Prepaid service, that's certainly not the goal. 


We do understand you wish to have more information about your text message balance. For this, you can contact our Prepaid customer service, or use the IVR menu.