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How to get the factitious entries for long distance calling removed.

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I found some factitious entries for calling long adistance number 415-294-0030 SNFR my last bill as also in the current bill. Last month the person attending my call gave a credit back in my account but when I called yesterday October 08, 2020 at 2.29 pm and reported that the calls to the same number were appearing again, The person named Adam who took my call told me that he was 100% sure that the calls were made from my phone. I told him that I had definitely not made those calls and I had never parted with my phone and no body elese could make any call from my number. I asked him if it could it be possible that somebody had hacked my phone and made long distance calls and he ruled out this possibility. I asked him if he could block that number to which the calls were being made, so that they don't appear in my bill in furture and he told me that it was not possible. I then asked him to let me talk to his Supervisor. He made some notes in the computer and then transferred me to the supervisior. To my dismay, the surpervisior to whom he contacted me did not tell her name clearley and without asking my name and phone number even and going by what Adam told her, she straigtway told that the calls were made from my phone and she won't reverse the entries rather charge me for last month call also.I informed her that I have been a Fido's loyal customer for the last 16 years and had never had any problem in the past but now if they were not able to stop these factitious entries in my account, I would have no alternative than to switch to some other provider and she said she does not care about that.

I wonder if the matter can be investigated and some solution found in the matter. 


Jagdish Bajaj



Hey @Jagdish1


Let's take a look at your account to see what was discussed so far concerning this.


I'm sending you a PM, talk to you soon.