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How long after porting in can I change display name?

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I recently moved two phones to Fido (wife and myself). However her name displays as mine and I'm unable to change it on the website (no option shown). My number was ported the day previous to hers. Hers was done yesterday and her number isn't shown yet on the website, but is shown in the app. Does it typically take a few days for her number to appear on the website as from what I understand, that's the only place to change the name?


Hi @AJ009 , I believe that it will take a couple of days to show the information on the app. I just ported my partner's number yesterday also and it isn't showing yet. I would expect to see it tomorrow or the day after. Yes, you can change your display name in the app when the app is finished loading the information. I just found where to change your display name Here