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How do you get Customer Support?

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi Community, first time here and I have a concern. I have a Fido plan under my name but the phone is with my mom who lives in a different city. She's 73 years old and does not use the phone aside from calls. I noticed my bill this month is different than all prior months which has been consistently the same amount. This month's bill is 10% higher and I'm trying to get a hold of customer support to ask why. I have tried Fido's online chat AskJak and chatted with Jaspreet "Fido Specialist" and he said "we don't have answer for that" and "as it is decision made by back office team". Obviously, his response did not answer my question/concern. I tried calling 18884813436 and went through the elaborate and annoying automated phone system only to end with the system sending a text with a link for a callback to the phone which is with my mom who does not know how to interact with the message. Besides, I'm assuming the callback will be to her phone and her English is poor at best. Another person suggested using the siite I looked at it and there are lots of links to what I imagine are frequent FAQs but no other direct contact email/number. I'm lost as to how to get my billing question/concern answered.

Feeling lost in Calgary, thanks for taking the time to read and your consideration.


Hi there @Oilers99kk , have you tried contacting fidosolutions on Twitter? I have a lot of success with that. You can send a dm to fidosolutions and request assistance and someone will get back to you and after some security questions you can begin your request. No sitting on your phone waiting, you will get a notification when you have a reply and you have all your notes from the conversation right there in your messages. I hope it works for you. You could also dial *611 from your device and communicate with a Fido customer support person that way. Cheers