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How do I switch my current plan to the $15 BYOP Basic Plan?

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

How do I switch from my current $17 talk only plan (no text or data) to the $15 BYOP plan with 250MB of data at 3G speed (Located at Shop>Plans>BYOP>Basic)? When I'm logged in, all the options it give me is upgrade to a more expensive plan and doesn't have the Basic plan options.


Hello @tytl, I took a look at that and it appears to be for new account only. I may be incorrect on this, the best way to confirm that you can switch without opening a new account is to reach out to customer service on, on 611 from your device, or over social media with Twitter and Facebook. The service representative will be able to look at your account and help you make any changes. That does seem to be a really good option for someone needing a phone and occasional data. 

All the best and come back with any questions or suggestions