Horrible network service (LTE,Texts, Calls)

Horrible network service (LTE,Texts, Calls)

Horrible network service (LTE,Texts, Calls)

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Horrible network service (LTE,Texts, Calls)

So I've been constantly dealing with network issues since I've been with fido, for about two years now.


I started off with a LG G5, and could hardly send texts, make calls, static during calls, LTE is hardly usable - All these symptoms IN the TOWN I work in, but are not present in larger more populated cities. But the area that I can't use my network services is where I spend most of the time, it's where I work, it's where my friends are. Easily 10 hours a day spent in the area where my network is horrible and not working. I don't need LTE at home because I have WiFi, but my phone call clarity is still horrible.


I sent my LG G5 in for "repair" a minimum of 4 times, board was replaced each time but network issues persisted. Changed SIM card many times, no help there either. I think after the 4th time sending my LG in for repair they sent me a refurbished LG back, but same issues existed with that phone too. I had thought all these issues were caused by the type of phone I had. 


So i got sick of all these issues and dealing with fido cusomter support on a daily basis, and I took the plunge and cancelled my plan, paid out the remaining balance (around $2-300 i tihnk) and I upgraded to a samsung S8+ with Fido.


New phone is great, but all the problems listed above STILL EXIST!! And im back to dealing with fido support on a daily basis, all of the fido reps suggest the same BS - Change SIM, restart phone, reset to factory settings, put SIM in a different phone... All this has gone on far too long for me to handle anymore. 


Recently a fido rep had tech support look into my issues, and asked for my patience for two weeks. Okay, fine, I did that no problem. Two weeks are up and no changes to my service. I am now wanting out of Fido because they can't do anything to help me, and I am paying $90+ taxes every month to not be able to use my **bleep** phone when I want to. And now I am faced with the decision to pay over $300 to pay out my remaining balance and go to a new provider that allows me to use my phone at work. None of these issues are MY fault, my doing, that I caused. All these issues are on Fidos end, and today some Lina lady tells me they can not offer me a credit towards cancelling my plan with fido while I've had conversations with other fido reps saying the opposite. one rep even asked me what I thought would be a fair offer. Another rep offered me a $30 credit to remain patient while the tech department looked into my issues further. So I don't know what Lina is going on about. I've been extremely patient, patient longer than a customer should need to be. I am tired of paying $90+ tax each month for horrible cell phone service and zero solutions to my problems. 

So my question is, with all that I am delaing with, what can be done about me paying for services I am not getting? Why can't Fido  reimburse me? Why can't fido accept responsibility for these issues and wave my cancellation fees? Or at least cut them in half for me? I've done everything on my part that I can do to help resolve these issues. Fido has not- Today, I've been offered a $5 discount a month for 12 months... BUT I STILL CAN'T USE MY PHONE LIKE I SHOULD BE ABLE TO!

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Hello ClassyBanana,


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  Sorry to hear that you're having these troubles at your work location. However, you should note that the nature of cellular phones is that they are dependent on their locations relative to the cellular towers.


  The mobile providers' cellular towers are not necessarily situated at the same locations. As a result, the coverage from the different providers can vary slightly, depending on your location relative to the cellular towers. It sounds like your work location is just outside (or on the edge) of Fido/Rogers coverage. You can get an idea of your local cellular towers here. You should note that there are many factors which can affect signal transmission, including (but not limited to) distance from cellular towers as well as possible sources of interference (ie buildings, trees, terrain, etc).


  Does anyone at work (or any of your friends near that location) also have the same issues using Fido/Rogers? 


  If there is a closer non-Fido/Rogers tower near your work location, you might be able to connect to extended coverage (Fido-EXT). However, this option would not be a solution for your situation because its use is only meant on a temporary basis. The majority of your usage would have to be on the Fido/Rogers network.


  It's a common misconception that any mobile provider will work everywhere. Unfortnately, that is not the case. Some areas will have better coverage from a particular provider; other areas will have better coverage from another provider.


Hope this helps Smiley



I'm a Participant Level 2

One other employee mentioned he doesnt have issues with being with Fido in the area. He can make calls and texts inside our building. I can't even do that outside without issues. I know of two others that have the same issues as I do, one switched from Fido to another provider and has zero issues now, using the same phone still.


Thanks for your post but the information doesnt really help me. I've checked the coverage in my area already via the link on the Fido site. 


In my case, since the mobile provider doesn't work well for me in my area, should I be the one facing consquences for service not being achieved or should the company supplying the "service" be the ones to help the customer...? Seems fairly obvious to me that the customer should not be reprimanded for lack of service on the companies part. I'm still stuck paying a large bill each month for not being able to use the services that are to be provided.

Hey @ClassyBanana


We answered your PM to get this looked into.

Hope to talk to you soon.