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Horrendous process to change my last name

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

More than a month ago, I requested to change my last name because I got married. However, the agent never told me that I would have to submit documents to the back office. Weeks passed, no change to last name on my account. I called again and finally was informed that I needed to send in a photocopy of my ID. 


I sent it in on fax last week but got an email today saying that they basically changed my name to my previous name even though there is a different last name on my ID! And I cannot reply to that email to tell them they made a mistake.


Now through live chat, I am told to send in a "different" ID again for them to change my last name. What other ID can I send when that is my driver's license. Why do I have to fix a mistake that Fido made when they did not do their job well and actually read the name on my ID?



Hello @Milly2669,


I would recommend you call customer service and not use the live chat The agents on the phone have better access to your account and can put you on to the right department to have this fixed.