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Holiday Offer by Sharway Gardens store

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

2022-Dec-14 I activated my new Mobile service agreement with Fido 5339 Sherway Gardens. The store was offering the plan including 45$ per month with 20 GB, Unlimited text, and Canada-wide minutes.

Sales Rep/Agent activated my new plan and gave me an agreement paper with 60$ Month to month payments. He said that it is a mistake in their program and no need to worry that my plan is 45$ per month. Also, he mentioned that it will be a 50$ activation fee payment which will be credited to my account. 

Today is 2023-Feb-19 I have paid an activation fee of 50$, a monthly fee for 60 + HST.  And I got a new bill for 60 + HST!
Customer service said that is no information about any Holiday Offer on my account.  
It really feels like a scam. What can I do in this case? 


I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I was in the store, and they said it can be activated after three months. I don't really trust it because it all seems weird

Hey @OksanaNagorna,


We can take another look at your account.


 There are several ways to reach customer service:


 - On the phone (by dialing 611 from your Fido device), you will have a call back option instead of waiting on the line

- Via live chat on

- By writing us a private message on our social networks (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram).


Hope to talk to you soon. 




Hi there @OksanaNagorna


Have you tried contacting the store? 


They will have a record of the activation and the offer(s) made, and can correct any error that may have occurred.