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Hidden account tied to my bill?

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1



When I set up my Fido account with Live Chat, my account was created with someone else's information by accident, presumably because the agent was dealing with multiple people simultaneously - when I inquired why I wasn't receiving any correspondence after setup, a separate agent reminded me of the contact details I used to set up my account, which was from someone entirely different in Quebec (I'm in Manitoba). They swapped my contact details with theirs. When I finally gained access to my account, I found their personal information in my settings and presumably the same goes with my personal information on theirs. Not a great start.


When I received my first bill, my Account Overview page said "You've gone over your credit limit and your services are now suspended. To reactivate your service, please make a payment.". I have never even made a payment at this point, neither have I even squeaked through 10% of my data allotment for any potential overages. I speak with an agent for a separate issue to drop my setup fee, which they did (thank you!) and I ask about the message on my account - they tell me it is an error and I should just ignore it. OK. Fast forward a couple of weeks, I log into my account again and another message shows: "You've reached 60% of the available credit limit amount. To prevent a service interruption, please make a payment.". My bill does not even come close to 60% of my limit (it is <23%). I ask yet another agent, and they vaguely tell me that it is an error and I should just ignore it.


I believe the other person who mistakenly had my account is being accounted for in the calculation of my credit limit. I am worried this may have implications with my credit score if this other person has issues with their bill in the future. At the very least, I do not want someone else's account information tied with my personal account (obviously). For someone who cares deeply about their privacy, this situation certainly has not been ideal. From what I've seen, the helpers on this forum are keeners on the more technical side of issues, so I am asking here. I like the service from Fido, and I would like to solve this issue through-and-through. Thanks.


Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)

Hey @epicurious,


Welcome to our community! 


I entirely understand your concerns and I want to reassure you that we take our customers privacy and security very seriously! This is absolutely not the type of experience we want to provide our customers and we'll most definitely make it right! 


I'll send you a PM here on the community so we can sort everything out for your account! We'll talk soon.


For the future, you can contact us here for any account related inquiries for immediate assistance.