HELP needed with Plan details

HELP needed with Plan details

HELP needed with Plan details

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HELP needed with Plan details


I have just bought my fido sim card.

its like $55/ month with an unlimited call, text etc.

but when I check it online in fido account,

it shows "WEEKDAYS" unlimited.

Does that mean I will be charged on weekends?

like extra $ on calls made and text sent on Saturday and Sunday.

please help me with it as I don't want any extra bill on me at the end of the month.



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Hey Dhananjay! 


Just checking to see if you needed more help with this. 


If you'd like us to take a closer look and check your plan details, let us know and we'll send you a private message so can check this out. Smiley 



Hello @Dhananjay,


Welcome to the community!


You will need to contact customer service and they can check your plan details in order to help you.


From what I can see at least in Ontario the only $55 plan is only 500min and you need to pay $5 more to have unlimited.